You can withdraw money in the next village. In Neukirchen is an ATM at the local bank branch called VR BANK.


You can take your own water to the Festival field. Because of safety reasons this is only allowed in 1.5-liter bottles made of soft PET or Tetra-Paks. It is not allowed to bring alcoholic drinks to the festival field. Anyway alcohol tastes better at our bars and our drinks are affordable for everyone.


We don’t want people to have to stale beer out of their tents because they can’t afford the cool, refreshing enjoyment at the festival. That’s why the prices at the festival bars will be affordable for your tiny purses. With every purchase you support the charitable work of our association.


This time we have producer market on the campsite. Here you get fresh products from the region. Like last year, there is the kiosk. At the campsite there will be a kiosk just like last year. You will be able to find everything from rain jackets to tobacco, everything you need for a successful festival weekend.
The next shop within walking distance is TOP KAUF in Neukirchen. A shuttle bus will run between the TOP KAUF and the Festival site.