Our address is:

Hülltoft Weg
25927 Neukirchen
(between Niebüll and Tønder)

The festival area is located right next to the bathing lake “Hülltofter Tief”.


If you are arriving on Thursday you will be able to join our opening night starting from 6 p.m.
On Friday and Saturday the festival area opens from 12 a.m. to 4 a.m.

Arriving by Car

For those of you who are planning on driving, there will be one field that will be kept free for parking an one field for caravan camping. In our online shop you get the parking- and caravan-tickets for access to the right parking field. This will helps us to assess the parking situation. For the sake of the environment pleas form carpools!

Arriving by Train

If you travel by train, the cheapest group-Tickets are the “Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket,” “Schleswig-Holstein-Ticket” or the “Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket.” The nearest station is Klanxbüll. There will be shuttles to the festival.


The campsite is open from Thursday 10 a.m. until Sunday 6 p.m. At the campsite there are portable toilets, access to drinking water and showers. Caravans will have their own campsite. Keep in mind you will be camping on agricultural land. Please leave your campsite clean and tidy.


Stay overnight in your vehicle is only allowed in the marked caravan fields with the right caravan-Ticket. Please buy a caravan-ticket in our online shop to spend the night in your vehicle. You can built up one tent next to your caravan.


The opening hours are:


We will provide a special campground for families with small children. There you can take a rest from the festival if necessary. For the small guests we will lend out earmuffs.


For access to the car park you have to buy a parking ticket in our online shop. It is not allowed to sleep or camp at the car park. There are no sanitary facilities!


A shuttle bus will take you between the station Klanxbüll and the Festival site (stopover in Neukirchen):
THURSDAY (1.8.):
FRIDAY (2.8.):
SATURDAY (3.8.):

Shuttle from the Festival back to Klanxbüll:
SUNDAY (4.8):


If you prefer a campsite or a holiday home away from the festival area or look for individual support you can mail to:



The area is mostly even with the ground. We have a suitable toilet for handicapped people and will try our best to get rid of all obstacles. Only the beach area near the lake is inaccessible for wheelchair users due to the sand. If you need any help please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.


Children who under the age of 16 only allowed to attend with a parent or legal guardian. You need to download and fill out a this form before the festival. Children under the age of 14 are only allowed to attend SKANDALØS with their parents. After midnight teenagers between 16 and 18 must also be accompanied by a supervised adult. Detailed information can be found here.


You can swim in the lake at your own risk. Because of security reasons swimming is not allowed after dusk. In case of violation follows an exclusion from the festival.


Please do us the favor and do not dump your fags on the floor! Small ashtrays can be purchased at the kiosk.


The SKANDALØS should be a place of freedom and diversity and we take it for granted that you respect and tolerate each other. Any form of harassment or discrimination will be taken very seriously. Violence will obviously not be tolerated under any circumstances. In case of conflicts please contact our security or members of the festival team. We will do our best to resolve the conflict.


Everyone should be able to party as much as you want, but everyone should know their own boundaries and look after each other. Whoever is caught dealing or with illegal substances will be kicked off the site!


Because of thatched rooved and tent neighbourshouses, open fires and fireworks are forbidden. Dance around a bonfire is allowed at our fire spot next to the lake or at the firespace at the Horst Blau on the festival site. Please use the designated barbeque spots within the campsite. Whoever lights up a firework will be expelled from the site.


Five euros of your ticket price will be refunded to you when you return a FULL bag of rubbish. You get a rubbish bag when you receive your festival wristband.
The rubbish drop-off times are:


Cans and glass bottles are not allowed on the festival field. According to our beloved cows who want to graze on the campsite after the festival, please be careful not to cause any broken pieces.


Dogs and other pets are forbidden around the whole festival area, as well as on the campsite. Please leave your four-legged friends at home.


The holy bird protection zone begins at the reed edge. Please don’t disturb our north frisian birdies.


Everyone should feel free and celebrate as much as they want, but don’t forget about the people around you! Respect the other festivalguests, look after each other, be friendly and helpful. We will all have a wonderful time together.


We do have a few ground rules, most of them are pretty obvious, but they still need to be written down here.

Please don’t bring any of the following to the campsite/festival site:

  • Any type of weapon
  • glass bottles
  • pyrotechnics
  • gas cookers
  • dogs or other pets


Each time the festival causes a heavy workload for us and this can hardly be done without any support. Now you guys can join in! We are looking for you as supporters for the festival weekend. For more information mail to

waste separation

Like in Cinderella our dream is a wish our heart makes. So we dream about waste disposed only in the designated waste containers and If containers are labeled for separate waste, no other waste may be disposed in these containers. At the cash points you can get more garbage bags. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!



You can withdraw money in the next village. In Neukirchen is an ATM at the local bank branch called VR BANK.


You can take your own water to the Festival field. Because of safety reasons this is only allowed in 1.5-liter bottles made of soft PET or Tetra-Paks. It is not allowed to bring alcoholic drinks to the festival field. Anyway alcohol tastes better at our bars and our drinks are affordable for everyone.


We don’t want people to have to stale beer out of their tents because they can’t afford the cool, refreshing enjoyment at the festival. That’s why the prices at the festival bars will be affordable for your tiny purses. With every purchase you support the charitable work of our association.


This time we have producer market on the campsite. Here you get fresh products from the region. Like last year, there is the kiosk. At the campsite there will be a kiosk just like last year. You will be able to find everything from rain jackets to tobacco, everything you need for a successful festival weekend.
The next shop within walking distance is TOP KAUF in Neukirchen. A shuttle bus will run between the TOP KAUF and the Festival site.