Dear people of Nordfriesland, dear country bumpkins, city kids, hippies and hipsters. It is true: SKANDALØS 2019 will be the last edition of the festival at Hülltoft Tief.

Together with the municipality, the local residents and the departments in charge we tried to find solutions and possibilities during the last year to keep the festival at Hülltoft Tief. Therefore we would have needed infrastructure and a lot of support from the responsible persons and institutions. Although the mills of bureaucracy go slow, you barely have a chance as a lonely rider.

Now we seek to put all of our energy in the organization of the last SKANDALOES at Hülltoft Tief. What happens after does not only depend on us. During the last years we gradually changed our tactics from “just do it” to “let’s rather check out the view first”. We are open to new possibilities and opportunities to grow little new cultural pearls. Every kind of help is more than welcome to do so.

Possible steps for you could be:

  • Recommend, gift or peddle a new site to us.
  • Send us ideas for something totally different, we could do.
  • Visit us at SKANDALOES 2019 and help to make it extraordinary – so we can not stop us from organizing another festival afterwards (There are still some tickets left!).

As you may realize we slowly are able to cope with the pain of these new insights. Now it was the time to make it public. From 1st to 3rd august we then say: “Farewell dear Hülltoft Tief! It was an honor to play with you.”