The Kulturflut Skandaløs e.V.

The association Kulturflut Skandaløs e.V. was founded in 2012 to propagate cultur and art non-commercially in the Northern German Region Nordfriesland. In the planning of our programm, we focus on the encouragement and networking of talented young artists und musicians.

At the moment, we are supported by 200 members. Many of our members actively contribute to our events in organisation, design and construction. A few people are by now employed to coordinate the motivations and amitions of our volunteers. Who is employed and what they do is described further below.

The core of our work, the Skandaløs Festival, is ment to create a meeting place for a diversity of life-realities. City and Countryside, Germany and Scandinavia, Young and Old are welcome to get closer. We also aim to tie up to our danish neighbours in a musically way by tightening the communication between german and danish artists and event locations.

Come aboard!

Cultural work is fun and that’s why we do it mostly honorary. We need your support
to free us from our worries and unfetter our creative energy.
If you want to support the SKANDALØS and the work of Kulturflut Skandaløs e.V., you have the following choices:


If you would like to become a sponsor for a long-term you can join the Kulturflut Skandaløs e.V. with a membership fee of at least 15€ per year. As a passive member of the association you receive a discount for all Skandaløs events.


You can support the charitable work of our association with a one-time donation. As well, If you’re interested, we can help you to issue a donation certificate.

Our account data:

Kulturflut Skandaløs e.V
IBAN: DE65217635420007957823
VR Bank Niebüll